About Me

Hi! My name is Elena and I'm a graphic designer currently living and studying in Moscow.

I was born and raised in Moscow and spent a major part of my life there. After finishing school I entered British Higher School of Art and Design to study design because I've been always interested in it. However it was a tough choice for me to decide which area to study: product or graphic design. I spent my first year in university making mostly 3D things but in the end realized that I would be better at graphics and I made my final decision to enter BA Communication Design course.

I'm fond of typography, lettering and generally drawing, but my passion is web-design. I've been interested in it for many years.

Apart from design I'm obsessed with music, gigs and live performances. I like exploring new genres and I'm always open to something new. Besides, I enjoy traveling, learning languages and photography.

Skills and Qualities

  • Good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Fluent in Russian and English, intermediate level in Spanish
  • Comfortable working with both Mac OS and Windows
  • Stick to deadlines
  • Patient and responsible